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Ghazi Urdu Primer is designed, compiled, and written in such a way that it is equally interesting and beneficial to a wide range of learners including both children and adults of every level and from every walk of life.

Shahnaz Ke

Discover the magic of Urdu poetry with Shahnaz Ke Jugnu, a revised and international edition of a non-fiction anthology by Shahnaz Rizwan. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the language and let the words take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

About the Author

Shahnaz Rizwan is a British Pakistani linguist, author, poet, educationist, playwright, actor, painter and social activist. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan in December 1956, raised between Karachi and Lahore by her parents, Khadija Ghazi and actor and writer, Ahmed Ghazi. At the age of two, she began appearing in numerous Pakistani films and at the age of six, she received the first child star award in the Pakistani film industry, the Screen Light Award. She also won the Critics Award at the age of ten.
Shahnaz Rizwan
Writer, Poet, Educationist, Yoga Teacher, Actor, Painter and Social Activist

“Shahnaz has done a great job. This work should not be considered only in the context of Urdu language studies, but of Linguistics in general. This is an exceptional scholarly achievement. I am confident that she will go on to make a real contribution to language learning and teaching”.

Joanne Kenworthy, Former Senior Lecturer in linguistics at University of East London

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Readers' Views

“The Ghazi Urdu Primer is a vibrant introduction to the poetic language of Urdu. Beautifully produced with many pictures and interactive exercises by Shahnaz Rizwan, this is a valuable resource for English speakers who wish to learn Urdu. I hope it will be available widely.”
Tim Foskett

psychotherapist, London

“Ghazi Urdu Primer is a historical breakthrough for the Urdu language as it reveals those letters in the alphabet that have been missing since the birth of the language. I highly appreciate Shahnaz’s patriotism and her continued work for the progress of the national language that spans decades. In 2003, she wrote her first Urdu book, ‘Ghazi Urdu Qaidah’, in which she introduced the missing words beginning with the letter ڑ ṛē and filled a huge gap in the language. For writing that revolutionary book, Shahnaz was awarded a letter of appreciation by the former President, Urdu Dictionary Board Karachi, Ministry of Education, Govt of Pakistan, Dr. Farman Fatehpuri, in which he acknowledged and valued her work with these words: “Shahnaz Rizwan deserves to be congratulated and thanked from the world of Urdu as she has fulfilled her duty as a writer and made elementary Urdu teaching straightforward and scientific”. I agree with these genuine comments on Shahnaz’s brilliant achievements. Furthermore, I strongly recommend this book, ‘Ghazi Urdu Primer’, as a must-read for Urdu learners, teachers and especially every Pakistani as it connects Urdu native speakers to their roots and welcomes non-native speakers on board. I send Shahnaz my best wishes and gratitude for services that will always keep her name alive in the history of the Urdu language.”
Dr.Aqeel Abbas Jafri

Former Chief Editor, Urdu Dictionary Board, Pakistan

“I recognise Ghazi Urdu Primer as the first ever Urdu book to provide the complete Urdu alphabet, as well as the fundamental knowledge and necessary information previously missing but most needed to lay a good foundation for teaching and learning the Urdu language. I highly recommend this laudable resource to all the academic fraternity as, besides its many significant features, it is based on such teaching and learning methods that will enhance the education system as well. Shahnaz Rizwan’s research and contribution to the development of the Urdu language is unparalleled. We are proud that Shahnaz is an asset to the nation of Pakistan. She represents our country’s flag all over the world by promoting our culture in terms of the language. We thank Shahnaz and wish her great success in her future projects.”
Sameer Shah

Secretary to the Education Ministry, Government of Sindh, Pakistan